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Levin: 'This is judicial tyranny. You're viewing it now.'

Conservative Review

In the third hour of his Tuesday night radio program, LevinTV host Mark Levin reacted to the news that a federal judge has ordered the Trump administration to keep Obama's illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order in place and to expand it by accepting new DACA applications.

"This is judicial tyranny. You're viewing it now," Levin said.

"I could not be more disgusted. I could not hold a federal judge in more contempt! The judiciary in this country is completely and utterly out of control, where federal district judges, who are responsible to no one and responsible for nothing, can sit there and impose their personal policy views on this nation, on the president of the United States."


"Since when do the courts control immigration in this country?" Levin asked.

Levin ripped the federal judge who issued this decision and ripped the media for framing it as a loss for Trump — ignoring the evisceration of the Constitution.

"Let me ask you something, ladies and gentlemen," Levin said. "If we have federal judges in this country that don't follow the Constitution, if the rule of the law and the law of the land mean nothing to them, then why do their opinions mean anything to us? If they're going to be lawless and refuse to faithfully carry out their duties, then why should anybody listen to what they have to say, if lawlessness is the name of the game?"

But what can Americans do to rein in the power of the courts? Levin argues that an Article V Convention of States is the constitutional mechanism provided by the founding fathers that will enable the American people to exert control over the courts.

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