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Levin: Justin Amash is a ‘Benedict Arnold against the Constitution’

Conservative Review

On the radio Monday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin began his program tearing into Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, R, for his impeachment campaign against President Trump.

But first, Levin discussed his latest book, "Unfreedom of the Press," which was released today.

“What Justin Amash did was a disgrace. He’s a Benedict Arnold,” Levin started.

“He’s a Benedict Arnold against the Constitution,” he added. “While he poses to be for the Constitution. While he poses as a purist of the Constitution, he’s no damn such thing.”

"What we've seen here ... by the Obama administration, by the special counsel's office ... by the media, by the Democrats in the House of Representatives -- we've seen a war against the Constitution. And this man stands up and pretends that he's defending the Constitution by calling Bill Barr a liar, by saying the president of the United States has demonstrated he ought to be impeached! Let's start from the beginning: Who was it that put spies in the Trump campaign? Who was it that abused ... the FISA courts? Who was it that colluded with the Russians and tried to cover their tracks by laundering their money through Fusion GPS? Who was it that used the senior levels of the FBI ... to try and blackmail a president of the United States?"


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