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Levin: The March for Our Lives was a 'pathetic,' 'shameful,' and 'disgusting' 'joke'

Conservative Review

Monday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin congratulated the mainstream media for an outstanding job taking advantage of children participating in the "March for Our Lives" protest to push gun-control propaganda.

"The media did a great job this week in doing what the media do — propaganda," Levin said. "And they're teaching certain young people how to be grand demagogues."

He slammed the weekend protests.


"That march was a joke, that's right!" Levin said. "It was a joke, it was pathetic. Demagogues left and right. Propaganda left and right. Anti-Catholic signs left and right. Get out the vote for the Democrats left and right. Funded by leftists and Democrats left and right. Who's fooling whom around here with this PC crap?"

"What you saw on display was an absolute abuse of our youth in this country and really it is shameful," Levin said.

"What a disgusting display."

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