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Levin to the media: 'You're destroying your own so-called profession'

Levin to the media: 'You're destroying your own so-called profession'

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin lit into Carl Cameron, a former Fox News correspondent who claimed he left the news network because of right-wing bias. Cameron recently launched a new website that self-describes as "the go-to liberal antidote" to the Drudge Report, and claims to have superior knowledge of the inner workings of conservative media.

Levin responded.

"This is a new news site? This is just more propaganda from the Left. Wonder who's funding it?" Levin said. "Doesn't he sound like one of the million hacks in a conga line of hacks that appear on MSNBC and CNN, or sit as hosts? So what exactly is new that Carl Cameron is offering? Nothing. Except he's a chameleon. A chameleon. And I'm telling you this: I saw him with my own two eyes, I heard him with my own two ears, where he was, the things he used to say. And now, this transformation is a fraud. It is a lie."


Levin explained Cameron's attempt to fit in with progressive media by bashing the president will likely harm more than help his career. Levin read from an Axios report that explained many major media sites are experiencing a "Trump slump," in which outrage over the president's latest decisions no longer generates the major revenue that it once did, and that most news outlets relied on it.

"This is exactly the transformation, the evolution that I told you would take place, but it's happening faster," Levin said. "That people are going to reject the current mass, modern media, and are going to look for other ways to inform themselves. They're going to reject most of cable TV, most of these programs, these hate-Trump programs. They're going to reject most internet sites that do exactly the same thing. They're going to reject more and more the New York Times and Washington Post.

"When it is your business model to attack half the people in the country, to play to half the people in the country. Even worse: to play to the base of the Democrat Party. And to have people like me, my voice, my book pointing it out, and the American people on their own watching it and listening to it and reading it. You're destroying your own so-called profession. The president isn't. The government isn't. You are. That's the whole point of 'Unfreedom of the Press.'"

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