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Levin: Why does the Mueller report include only 'a minute or two' of Don McGahn's 30-hour testimony?

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin told listeners why the Mueller testimony Wednesday is being overhyped by the media -- and that the real information won't come out in the hearing room.

Levin shared a report by Eric Felten at RealClearInvestigations showing that many of the 2,000 footnotes in the Mueller report are a "joke" and cite newspaper articles and gossip rather than legitimate sources of information.

"Having written a report with few links — having written a report with speculation and gossip, among other things — if Robert Mueller believed that Donald Trump should have been indicted, he could have easily written in this report that Donald Trump should be indicted for obstruction, that if we could've, we would've indicted him for obstruction, but for the Department of Justice policy set forth in two memoranda by the Office of Legal Counsel and embraced by the attorney general and past attorney generals and the Department of Justice. That's all he had to say," Levin said. "But he didn't. He didn't put that in his report. Anything he says that's akin to that now is outrageous. It's unconscionable. It's a lie."


Levin also pointed out that Mueller's report only includes a few sentences from the 30-hour testimony of White House counsel Don McGahn.

"Where's the rest of it?" Levin asked.

"You see, what I'm saying, Mr. Mueller, is I want to determine if there was anything that Mr. McGahn, the president's counsel, said that was actually helpful to the president and that you withheld from the American people. Now of course, the Department of Justice and others may object in releasing the information. But it seems to me, at this point, at least the argument should be made to get his entire transcript. Thirty hours and they put in a minute or two of his testimony. That smells very fishy to me; doesn't it to you?" he said.

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