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Levin: 'We have never had an FBI trying to take out a duly elected president of the United States'

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin responded to the media talk of a "silent coup" against President Donald Trump by the FBI.

Levin reminded listeners that two years ago, when he laid out the case for a silent, or non-shooting, coup, he "came under brutal attack" and was not defended by some of the same conservative media personalities who are now "running around talking about a coup and a silent coup as if they invented these terms."

"What Mr. Comey and Mr. McCabe and the others were doing was undermining the United States of America from within the government. From within the FBI. From within the Department of Justice. Nothing like this has ever happened before in the United States of America, ever. Ever! We have never had an FBI trying to take out a duly elected president of the United States. Never! And they talk about the 25th Amendment. I'll go through that again, how absurd that was, but it didn't matter. They were looking for a means, any means possible. It is the FBI, working with the Democrat party in the Obama administration, that put out the lies about Russian collusion. Where is it? Counterintelligence investigation, criminal investigation, congressional investigation — where the hell is it? It doesn't exist. It never did exist. The only party that's ever colluded with the Russians and the old Soviets is the Democrat party," Levin said.


"Look at this FBI: Five, six, seven of them, at the top levels. A cabal. A silent coup. And it's stretched into the Department of State. And it's stretched into the intelligence agencies. There is no question about this any more. And as this enormous scandal is exposed further, the media, the Praetorian Guard media, protect the Left. Why? Because they are the Left. They are the Left. They are the ones leading the charge to remove this president. ... It's not even debatable any more. It's unequivocal," Levin said.

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