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Levin nukes 'idiot' propagandists: YES, Mueller IS a bigger threat to the republic than Putin

Conservative Review

On his radio program Thursday night, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed exactly why special counsel Robert Mueller poses a bigger threat to America's constitutional system than Russian President Vladimir Putin: "Because he's being used, wittingly, to reverse the last election."

Levin previously made the argument during a Fox News appearance last week. He revisited it today, addressing Washington Post video editor JM Rieger's sloppy coverage of the statement in a piece published Wednesday.

During the on-air segment, Levin went through Rieger’s so-called analysis and rebutted it point by point, breaking down why the prospect of overturning a free and fair election from within the government is indeed a bigger threat to constitutional government than the external security threat from a Russian despot.


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