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Levin: 'The president of the United States cannot, must not be blackmailed by the Democrat House of Representatives'

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"Nancy Pelosi wants to be speaker of the House more than she wants to be a patriot," LevinTV host Mark Levin concluded on the radio Tuesday evening of the California Democrat's actions, after her attacks on President Trump torpedoed a bipartisan infrastructure meeting at the White House.

Levin pointed to news of a scheduled meeting earlier that day at the White House between congressional Democrats and President Trump about infrastructure. Immediately before that meeting, however, Pelosi attacked the president by telling reporters he was "engaged in a cover-up" in reference to the House of Representatives' investigations against him.

Trump later left the meeting before announcing from the White House Rose Garden that he would not work with congressional Democrats until the Democrat-led investigations were brought to a halt.

"So I’ve said from the beginning, right from the beginning, that you probably can’t go down two tracks," President Trump said. "You can go down the investigation track, and you can go down the investment track or the track of 'Let’s get things done for the American people.' I love the American people."

Levin said that was the right move.

"You're not going to sit down and do a deal with somebody who just accused you of a crime," Levin said in defense of Trump's decision.

"The president of the United States cannot, must not be blackmailed by the Democrat House of Representatives," Levin added. "He must not serve at their demand. He's not their staffer. He's not a defendant to the House of Representatives. ... The president replied the way he should have replied."


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