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Levin: Republicans must 'make the Democrats pay a price' for Pelosi's 'hijacked' impeachment process

Conservative Review

Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed Speaker Nancy Pelosi's perversion of the impeachment process and how Republicans should fight back against Democrats' latest efforts to oust President Donald Trump.

Levin began by explaining the point of having a full House vote before an impeachment inquiry can start, something that hasn't yet happened despite last week's announcement of formal impeachment proceedings from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

"This is the first time there hasn't been a vote on the House floor respecting an impeachment inquiry of a president of the United States, where all members' votes are recorded," Levin explained.

"There's a reason every member is to vote: So you know, on the record, all over the country, where your member of Congress stands. So Nancy Pelosi has violated the tradition and the process that is used for impeachment inquiries involving presidents in this country," Levin said. "And what has she done? She's hijacked the process."

"She is the most fascistic speaker of the House we have ever had," Levin concluded of Pelosi.

Later in the segment, Levin discussed how Republicans should respond to these impeachment efforts by fighting back. Here's a section of the plan he put forward:

"The Republicans must make this process as painful for the Democrats as possible. They should use every tactic including guerrilla political warfare tactics. They should provide their own list of witnesses and documents and demand them. If this is going to be an impeachment inquiry, they don't have to sit there and get upset and say, 'There's nothing we can do in the minority.' Make your case to the American people; that's what this is about. Make your case to the American people; make the Democrats pay a price — every damn one of them."


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