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Levin: Tariffs are 'not America First'

Conservative Review

LevinTV host Mark Levin ended the second hour of his radio show Tuesday arguing that tariffs will hurt Americans.

“You know damn well if Obama was doing this, you'd be jumping up and down, and so would I,” Levin commented. “It’s not a matter of whose political team you’re on. It’s a matter of what’s right.”

“Tariffs increase inflation. Tariffs increase the price of goods. Tariffs, while they may protect a particular industry, destroy jobs in other related industries,” he explained.

Democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders support the tariffs, “because they’re leftists,” Levin added. "And we should be helping our president with this."

Tariffs are "not America First," he concluded: “America First is all about liberty and private property rights and capitalism.” Listen:

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