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Levin: It’s time for Congress to put Mueller in his place

Conservative Review

It’s high time for Congress to step in and rein in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s out-of-control witch-hunt of President Trump, LevinTV host Mark Levin said Wednesday evening.

Levin made the statement on his radio program in light of reports that Mueller raised the possibility of questioning President Trump under subpoena to further his team’s Russia probe, a move that the host said would be unconstitutional.

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy, who published a post at National Review criticizing the subpoena suggestion, joined the show and agreed with Levin that it’s time for the legislative branch to step in given how far off-track the investigation has gone.

“If what has happened here is what I think has happened here, which is that the supervision of this prosecutor has broken down,” McCarthy explained, “somebody has to be asking some hard questions, and that somebody often is Congress.”

“I don’t think any future president is safe,” Levin said.

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