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Levin: Americans are being ‘blackmailed’ by Dem amnesty demands

Conservative Review

LevinTV host Mark Levin began his Wednesday evening radio program by calling out congressional Democrats, who he says have “blackmailed” the American people by threatening to shut down the government over their open-borders demands on immigration.

Levin pointed out that that the Democratic leadership’s priorities are far more focused on providing amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens than on funding the federal government for hundreds of millions of American citizens, including the entitlement programs for people they pretend to care about.

“The Democrat Party wants a government shutdown because so many of the constituent groups of the Democrat Party are indirectly on the federal payroll,” Levin explained.

“That they want to cut off their food stamps, that they want to cut off their federal jobs, that they want to cut off highway payments and everything else they can think of to unions,” he added, “in order to upset, agitate, disrupt the lives of their own constituent groups for the purpose of scoring political points and fundamentally changing America.”

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