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Levin on Trump's answer to Stephanopoulos: 'Nothing happened. ... Zero. Nothing'

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Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin scorched ABC News journalist George Stephanopoulos and his hypothetical questions to Donald Trump about receiving information from foreign governments.

"This isn't news. This was a hypothetical question and a hypothetical answer to a hypothetical question. Nothing happened. Nothing happened. Nothing actually took place. Zero. Nothing," Levin said.

Stephanopoulos asked Trump, if he was hypothetically approached by a foreign government with information on a political rival, would he turn the information over the FBI.

"How would you even know whether to turn it over to the FBI if you don't listen to it or read it?" Levin asked. "By osmosis? So would you accept it? Well, first you must accept it, if you're going to turn it over to the FBI. You either must listen to it, depending on what it is, or read it, and he says, 'I might do both.' I don't know why this is controversial. I don't know why Republicans are slobbering all over themselves, 'I wouldn't answer it that way.'"


"And by the way, how do you know that's interference in the election? He might take it and turn it over to the FBI. ... He just said, 'I would give it to the FBI if I thought there was something wrong.' I don't understand what this controversy's about. It's all manufactured. It's stupid."

"This is the same party that wants to know nothing — nothing — about the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, and Fusion GPS, and the hiring of a foreign ex-British spy -- who did what? Who affirmatively went to the Kremlin to talk to apparatchiks. Right? And then used it, in the Obama police-state tactics of the FBI and the Department of Justice and intelligence agencies, to try and destroy the candidacy of this president. I mean, they took affirmative steps to collude, didn't they? Affirmative steps! Now the real question would've been if George Stephanopolos, for once in his life, had gone up to Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi and said, 'Let me ask you a question. Do you think it was wrong for Hillary Clinton to spend money and the DNC to spend money and launder it through this law firm to get it to Fusion GPS, who further laundered it to hire this ex-British spy, who then in turn affirmatively contacted Russian apparatchiks, got false information to use against Donald Trump? Do you think that should have been done?' Do you know that question's never been asked of Nancy Pelosi or Barack Milhous Benito Obama — never? And that's not a hypothetical question! That actually happened!"

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