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Levin on U.S. women's soccer players' flag disrespect: 'This team embarrassed us'

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Monday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed the controversy over the U.S. women's World Cup champion team by saying "I don't give a damn if they won or not" because two of the players acted like "obnoxious punks" while representing the United States during the course of the tournament.

Specifically, Levin called out Meagan Rapinoe and her "foul mouth," saying she "has trashed our country" and "trashed the president" while representing the United States on the world stage: "I'm supposed to be rooting for her? I'm not rooting for her."

"I like getting behind our teams when they're playing on the international forums and so forth, but this team embarrassed us."

The host added that the other finalist team from the Netherlands "was more respectful to our flag and more respectful of our country" than were Rapinoe and Allie Long, whose postgame celebration dance on Sunday drew criticism for their treatment of the American flag.

"They don't celebrate our country; I'm not gonna celebrate them. Two of these clowns, they drop the American flag, one of them steps on it, and then one patriot [Kelley O'Hara] ... reaches in and picks it up," Levin explained. "She deserves a pat on the back; she deserves a celebratory salute, but she's not the one they focus on."

"I'm not going to celebrate these clowns running around in gym shorts effectively spitting on the American flag and the American system," Levin continued. "These are spoiled brats."


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