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Lindsey Grahamnesty is back with a DACA deal Republicans would be fools to take

Conservative Review

Well, so much for hoping Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., had finally resolved to stop making deals with devils. There was a hope that Graham was moved by the Democrats' despicable character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh to realize that the cabal of leftists is irredeemably power-hungry and cannot be trusted. But no, Lindsey "Grahamnesty" is back in action, urging President Trump and other Republicans to strike a deal with Democrats on DACA amnesty in exchange for wall funding.

Graham made his pitch on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning when asked about a plan from House GOP leadership to introduce a stand-alone bill to supposedly fully fund the border wall.

"DACA, remember that? 690,000 kids brought here on the average age of 6, no place else to go. Trump's going to win in court; he can repeal DACA. The day he wins in court, what do we do with these young people? So I'd like to do a deal," Graham said. "Full wall funding for DACA."

Fox host Brian Kilmeade asked if there would be additional reforms like ending chain migration, to which Graham cut in, "Nope, keep it simple." Translation: Congress should punt on needed immigration reforms, so-called "poison pills" that Democrats would object to.

Only a fool would take that deal, and here's why:

The problem with any compromise of border security for amnesty is that border security must come first. The flow of illegal immigration must halt before you can have a discussion about what to do with nonviolent illegal aliens already in the United States. Democrats will not accept a deal that delays DACA amnesty until a wall is constructed and the border made secure, and the media will pressure the government to take immediate action to end the uncertainty facing so-called "Dreamers." But Congress' actions are not binding on a future Congress. After DACA amnesty is codified, a future Congress could impose new requirements on wall construction, from environmental impact studies to material requirements that have the effect of delaying construction indefinitely. Opponents of a border wall will use their imaginations, and the border will remain unsecured indefinitely.

Another problem is that DACA amnesty will not be limited to the 690,000 people Graham assumes it would be. The Trump administration already offered the Democrats a deal to give DACA amnesty to at least 1.8 million illegal aliens, with a path to U.S. citizenship. When Trump made that concession to the Democrats, conservatives warned that it would be used as the baseline for any future DACA deal. Nothing has changed. Democrats will demand the bare minimum of amnesty for nearly two million illegals, since that was what was promised before, all the while labeling Trump and the GOP racists throughout negotiations.

Further, DACA is a slippery slope. If Republicans concede that nonviolent illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children should not be deported, then how will they argue that their parents should be? How can you deport the parents and adult relatives of U.S. citizens? The media and the Democrats will attack the government for separating families. All the same DACA arguments will be deployed in favor of amnesty and citizenship for all illegal aliens. Meanwhile, chain migration, unaccompanied children, E-verify, and catch-and-release policies will remain unaddressed by the compromise Graham wants.

Then there is the problem with the courts. Let's suppose conditional amnesty is granted. If an illegal alien violates the terms of the amnesty, deportation proceedings will have to move through court. When you're legalizing at least 1.8 million people, deportations will grind to a halt as every legalized individual will have the standing to present his or her case in a court system that is already overloaded with cases.

Full funding for the border wall is not worth what Lindsey Graham is asking for conservatives to concede in this compromise.

But prepare yourselves, because this deal is exactly where Republicans are headed. Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's stand-alone wall funding bill cannot pass through Congress. How do we know? Because Congress is in recess, and without attaching it to a must-pass government funding bill, there is no pressure to move wall funding through the 60-vote threshold in the U.S. Senate, assuming it could even pass the House, which is no guarantee thanks to several liberal Republicans. If the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, which is likely, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has promised to take up "a bill that protects Dreamers." So Democrats will be demanding DACA amnesty. Republicans will keep control of the Senate and demand wall funding. And President Trump will be eager to make a deal.

So Graham is preparing the way for this DACA-for-wall-funding deal because that's what's most likely to happen. But it's a bad deal, one conservatives and Trump supporters should loudly oppose now, before it's too late.

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