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Louder with Crowder goes undercover to get the gruesome truth about late-term abortion in America

Conservative Review

The Louder with Crowder team went undercover to expose the realities of late-term abortion in America.

In the episode titled “UNDERCOVER: Late-Term Abortion Clinic Exposed!,” Mariel, a woman in her 25th week of pregnancy, and her unborn daughter, Rose, go into an abortion clinic in Colorado, where late-term abortions have been legal for years.

While there, Mariel meets Patient X, a woman who says she has come in for an abortion in her eighth month of pregnancy. In the waiting room, the two discuss Patient X’s reasons for seeking the abortion. Then they discuss what the clinic staff has told Patient X about the procedure.

“Well, you essentially walk around for three days with a dead baby in your stomach,” Patient X relays at one point during the conversation.

“What if you get sepsis?” she continued. “I wrote like my concerns and I kind of asked the doctor and he kind of like, kind of shoved it off like it was no big deal.”

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