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Mark Levin blasts Peter King smears: ‘Shame on these congressmen’

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Monday on the radio, Mark Levin called out Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., for lying about the voting record of Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Cruz is currently under fire from liberals like King, who are accusing him of hypocrisy for voting against a $50 billion “aid” package for victims of Hurricane Sandy that contained appalling levels of pork-barrel spending.

“The Democrats all line up. They don’t sneeze without permission,” Levin said. The $50 billion bill they pushed through after Hurricane Sandy contained $33 billion of pork, Levin explained. “Shame on these congressmen. Shame on these senators.”


Conservatives like Sen. Cruz voted against the extra pork spending, and Rep. King is now lying and saying Cruz would not support the people who were suffering.

“That’s what a demagogue does and a demagogue says,” Levin said.

Earlier in the program, Senator Cruz called in from Houston to give an update on hurricane relief efforts.

“The first responders have been truly phenomenal,” Cruz said. He also praised the “ordinary citizens” who are joining in rescue efforts.


Levin gave Sen. Cruz a chance to respond to attacks from Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., and members of the liberal media, and Cruz responded with complete class.

“Our focus is just on helping people overcome this natural disaster,” Cruz said. He related how President Trump is fully engaged on helping the people of Texas and that helping Texans through this crisis is what he’s focused on now.

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