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Mark Levin explains everything you need to know about a government shutdown in under 4 minutes

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On his radio program Monday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin gave a succinct and important explanation of what would actually happen during a government shutdown.

"First of all, that phrase is a lie," Levin said. "The government doesn't shut down."

He explained that 75% of the government has already been funded and will remain operational during a "shutdown." Law enforcement, entitlement programs, and all "essential" employees of the federal government still work during a "shutdown." Levin explained that even nonessential employees receive back pay when the government "opens" again.


"I just discussed with you, in three and a half minutes, something you have never heard on a cable TV show, on a network TV show, or a satellite TV show. Something you have never heard on a prime-time news program," Levin said.

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