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Michael Cohen attorney Lanny Davis is on the payroll of a Putin ally

Conservative Review

Does Lanny Davis have a collusion problem?

Lanny Davis, the longtime Clinton confidant who is also the attorney for former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, is on the payroll of a pro-Moscow Ukrainian oligarch with direct ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) records reviewed by Conservative Review, Davis is an active registered foreign agent for Ukrainian billionaire Dmytro Firtash. A review of his social media records shows that Davis has never tweeted about his Ukrainian client, seemingly preferring to advocate quietly for Firtash, who faces enormous legal issues in courtrooms across the world.

Firtash’s ties to Putin have been exposed in several investigate reports. Moreover, the Ukrainian’s deeply corrupt business practices have put him on the radar of U.S. authorities, who are currently demanding his extradition to Chicago to face bribery charges.

Firtash, like many oligarchs tied to Moscow, owes much of his financial success to the Putin regime. Over the course of his business career, Firtash has secured sweetheart deals with major Russian state-owned energy companies, which filled the Ukrainian’s pockets with billions of dollars. The investment into Firtash paid off big-time, from a geopolitical perspective. He played an integral role in securing victory in the 2010 Ukrainian presidential election for Russian puppet Viktor Yanukovych. Following a popular uprising in 2014, Yanukovych fled the country. He now lives in exile in Russia.

Lanny Davis has been the principle lobbyist for Mr. Firtash since at least June 2014, which, notably, is just a few months after Yanukovych was thrown out of office. During that time period, Davis was earning $60,000 per month from Firtash. That number was expected to be boosted to $80,000 per month, plus expenses (around one million dollars per year), when Davis re-registered as Firtash’s chief lobbyist in 2016. That contract remains active to this day.

In another sketchy development reported by a Ukrainian news site, Davis was wired $80,000 from Firtash just two weeks before the 2016 presidential election.

According to a Reuters investigation into Firtash:

“Bankers close to Putin granted Firtash credit lines of up to $11 billion. That credit helped Firtash, who backed pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych's successful 2010 bid to become Ukraine’s president, to buy a dominant position in the country’s chemical and fertiliser industry and expand his influence.”

The report continues:

“With the help of Firtash, Yanukovych won power and went on to rule Ukraine for four years. The relationship had great geopolitical value for Putin: Yanukovych ended up steering the nation of more than 44 million away from the West’s orbit and towards Moscow’s until he was overthrown in February.”

A deeply unpopular man in his native Ukraine, Firtash currently lives in exile in Vienna, Austria, as U.S. authorities continue to spar with Davis and his legal team on extraditing the Ukrainian billionaire to the United States. Firtash is accused of attempting to bribe Indian authorities with an $18.5 million dollar advance to secure the sale of minerals to the U.S.-based defense contracting giant Boeing.

Additionally, several human rights groups and anti-corruption groups have urged U.S. authorities to place Firtash on the Global Magnitsky List, which would impose heavy sanctions on Firtash and alienate him from global markets.

Firtash is not merely a corrupt businessman who owes his success to one of America’s biggest adversaries. He is also deeply tied in with elements of organized crime in Eastern Europe. According to Foreign Policy, Firtash is a longtime business partner of Semion Mogilevich, who has been described by the FBI as the most dangerous mobster in the world.

While Lanny Davis is representing Michael Cohen pro bono, his primary source of income appears to come from a man who is currently a top priority for U.S. authorities. Davis has quite the client on his hands. The longtime Clinton confidant has spent the last four years of his life fighting in court for a man who owes all of his success to a Russian autocrat, who is also deeply connected to a worldwide criminal network.

As one of America’s top adversaries, the Kremlin has prioritized sowing general discord inside the United States. Is Lanny Davis, the foreign agent for Putin’s man in Ukraine, forwarding the Kremlin’s mission to spread chaos by attacking the authority and undermining the mandate of the duly elected president of the United States?

Read my Twitter thread below for more info on Lanny Davis’ connection with Dmytro Firtash:

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