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Mitt Romney has been working behind the scenes in anticipation of a Trump impeachment trial: Report

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The following is an excerpt from Blaze Media’s daily Capitol Hill Brief email newsletter:

According to a new report, Mitt Romney may not be planning on challenging President Donald Trump on the campaign trail, but he’s making moves to undermine him in a likely Senate impeachment trial. Vanity Fair reports that Romney has “firmly decided” against primarying the president, but he has been reaching out to key Republican Senate offices on the subject of impeachment.

“He could have tremendous influence in the impeachment process as the lone voice of conscience in the Republican caucus,” a Romney adviser told the magazine, though the senator’s office didn’t comment on the story. “Romney is the one guy who could bring along Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, Ben Sasse. Romney is the pressure point in the impeachment process. That’s why the things he’s saying are freaking Republicans out.”

The longtime, intermittent feud between Romney and Trump has heated up again amid Democrats’ push for impeachment and the foreign controversy behind it. After Romney called Trump’s suggestion that China and the Ukraine look into Joe and Hunter Bidens’ alleged corruption “wrong and appalling,” Trump responded the next day by calling Romney a “pompous ass” who “never knew how to win.”

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