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N. C. Republicans just dealt the transgender lobby a huge blow

N. C. Republicans just dealt the transgender lobby a huge blow

In some respects, conservatives should be thankful that the Left is so extreme and intransigent in pursuit of their cultural Marxism and de-civilization agenda. In North Carolina, they pursued a strategy of seeking unconditional surrender from Republicans on HB2. In most cases, Republicans are willing to unconditionally surrender to liberal culture warriors, but thankfully there was enough fight left in North Carolina Republicans to hold the line when it mattered.

Despite the hype about Republicans agreeing to repeal HB2, the effort fell devastatingly flat for the transgender lobby. The North Carolina Senate voted 32-16 against repealing the bill. Ironically, every Democrat wound up opposing repeal and the Republicans were split down the middle. HB2 kept the state’s recognition of a man being a man intact and prevented liberal cities such as Charlotte from imposing their harmful agenda on the public. This bill brought to the floor in a special session would have repealed the law, but still retained a six-month moratorium as a “cooling off” period on localities enacting transgender legislation. A pretty good deal for Democrats given the fact that Republicans have a 2-1 majority in the legislature, right?

Evidently, it wasn’t enough for them. Now Republicans are finally going on offense and refusing to repeal any aspect of the law. The legislature adjourned until next year.

Democrats were upset that the Charlotte city council agreed to partially repeal its transgender ordinance on Monday in anticipation that the legislature would then repeal HB2. They claim that state Republicans betrayed their trust and goaded them into preemptive surrender while giving them nothing in return. However, Charlotte didn’t really repeal the ordinance. The city council retained the most egregious provision, which prohibited city officials from using contractors that don’t allow men in female bathrooms. Moreover, their repeal of the ordinance was moot anyway because they are preempted by state law. Conservatives believe in localism with regards to education and housing, but it doesn’t prevent a state from defining something as basic as human sexuality and preventing such social disruption.

The media has mischaracterized the default position on this issue from day one. They made it seem as if the default position was that men should be allowed in female bathrooms and that it was North Carolina Republicans who came along and passed some revolutionary and foreign idea to actually keep gender-separate bathrooms intact. In fact, it is Democrats who immediately planned to break the “cease-fire,” were Republicans to repeal HB2, and pass transgender ordinances in other cities, such as Greensboro, Raleigh, and Fayetteville.   

One of the heroes in this fight, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, a man who understands that this is about so much more than just bathrooms, put out a strong statement indicating he will not back down:

Charlotte repealed an ordinance that the General Assembly already voided months ago. I support HB 2 and do not favor its repeal. No economic, political or ideological pressure can convince me that what is wrong is right. It will always be wrong for men to have access to women's showers and bathrooms. If HB 2 is repealed, there will be nothing on the books to prevent another city or county to take us down this path again. The left has already publicly stated the removal of HB 2 is necessary for the rest of their agenda to move forward. With certainty, if HB 2 is repealed, we will fight this battle all over again with another city or county. The names will change, but the national groups who are pushing this agenda will not stop until their social engineering is accomplished. The only thing stopping them are those of us who continue to stand strong.

Forest is right. It’s time to stop the equivocation. It’s time to suspend the deference to moral relativism. Enough tripping over our words to act all defensive about defending the most basic building block of civilization. If we can’t defend the most immutable laws of nature from the flat-earthers, there is no limit to the inimical social transformation they will foist upon us under the threat of economic boycotts.

This is about a lot more than bathrooms. This is about eradicating any uniqueness of the two genders God created. This is about creating a fundamental right to eventually override private property rights as well. Enshrining the homosexual agenda and transgenderism into the Civil Rights Act, as the courts and executive agencies have already done, will continue to infringe upon people’s right to use their property and businesses in accordance with their conscience.

In November, Democrats were able to capture the North Carolina governorship based on ballot harvesting of absentee ballots cast by same-day registrants. Under North Carolina law, same day registration is illegal, yet the courts nullified it a few months before the election. Fortunately, Republicans still retained a super-majority in the legislature and can not only block Governor-elect Roy Cooper’s odious policies, but can enact good policies over his veto. They should take this moment of inspiration and not look back.

As for Lt. Gov. Forest, he might want to consider treating himself like the governor. After all, if a man can force a state and the voters to treat him like a woman, why can’t Forest declare himself governor? He won’t even have to ditch the Y Chromosome!

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