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Nancy Pelosi thinks Ilhan Omar isn't anti-Semitic, but she's pretty sure Trump has an 'agenda of hate'

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., wasn’t being intentionally anti-Semitic, but she’s usually pretty dead certain that President Trump’s motives for his speech are the worst.

In the lead-up to Thursday’s House vote on the pitifully watered-down anti-hate resolution that was supposed to be some sort of vague reprimand for Omar and her anti-Semitic comments, Pelosi told reporters:

“I don’t think this is just about comments by Congresswoman Omar, which I do not think were intentionally anti-Semitic.”

On Friday, she double down, saying, “I don’t think our colleague is anti-Semitic” but that she “didn’t realize” that her words were “fraught with meaning.”

However, that sort of excusing deference and laughable benefit of the doubt appear to be reserved for Omar; in the past, Pelosi has used President Trump’s words and actions most definitely to define his actual beliefs.

Here are some examples:

In August 2017, Pelosi said that Trump’s post-Charlottesville press conference “made plain that the original statement he gave on Saturday is what he really believes. The President’s continued talk of blame ‘on many sides’ ignores the abhorrent evil of white supremacism, and continues a disturbing pattern of complacency around acts of hate from this President, his Administration and his campaign for the presidency.”

A day earlier, she called one of the president’s statements “a direct reflection of the fact that his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is an alt-right white supremacist sympathizer and a shameless enforcer of those un-American beliefs.”

Last march, Pelosi was pretty certain of the president’s motives and intentions when she called an order on transgender military personnel a “hateful ban” that “is purpose-built to humiliate our brave transgender members of the military who serve with honor and dignity. ... Once more, the President’s agenda of hate and prejudice is dictating our national security, instead of honor, decency and strength."

And of course, how could we leave out the president’s moratorium on travel from high-risk countries, which Pelosi says wasn’t a legitimate response to security concerns, but was “founded on open bigotry”?

She sure knows everybody’s beliefs and intentions all the time, whether they go with what the person says or not, isn’t she?

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