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National gun control group takes aim at Second Amendment-supporting Nevada sheriffs

Conservative Review

A Washington D.C.-headquartered gun control organization is expanding its probe to find out if gun rights groups had anything to do with the recent trend of "Second Amendment sanctuary" counties throughout several different states.

According to a Tuesday report from the Associated Press, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has sent out multiple public records requests to several local officials in the state of Nevada.

These Nevada Public Records Act (NPRA) requests were sent out to county commissions in Lyon, Douglas, Elko, and Nye Counties, as well as the sheriffs in Pershing, Eureka, and Nye Counties, and demand all communications related to the decisions to declare sanctuary status in their counties, including communications with representatives from gun rights groups.

A statement from Brady Campaign president Kris Brown said that the sheriffs and counties "have gone rogue" in their efforts to fight gun control legislation. "We are committed to shining a light wherever necessary to ensure that our communities are safe from gun violence, and you can rest assured that we will get answers to our questions.”

Democrats took control of Nevada's legislature and governorship last November, and in February the state's new governor signed legislation imposing background check restrictions on private in-state firearms transfers. That law has been a source of contention in Nevada. Similar federal legislation was passed earlier this year by the House of Representatives.

This isn't the first time we've seen such records request from the Brady Campaign. Last month we reported that the group had also sent public information requests to sheriff's offices throughout the state of New Mexico to see if the NRA was behind the Second Amendment sanctuary movement.

And, as we explained then, finding ties between local officials and gun rights groups won't really prove anything about the policy itself or the justice or constitutionality of refusing to enforce laws that infringe upon the Second Amendment. What it will do instead is try to taint the movement by playing the guilt-by-association card with the anti-gun crowd's favorite all-purpose bogeyman: The National Rifle Association.

And a Brady spokesman says they're considering expanding their public records probe to Colorado, Washington, and Illinois.

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