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New Mexico counties are fighting the gun-grabbers with Second Amendment ‘sanctuaries’

Conservative Review

Pro-gun counties in New Mexico are pushing back against proposed state-level anti-Second Amendment laws by declaring themselves “Second Amendment sanctuary” jurisdictions.

The latest jurisdictions to make gun sanctuary resolutions were San Juan, Lincoln, and Eddy counties on Tuesday. San Juan’s vote was unanimous, while commissioners voted 4-1 in Eddy and Lincoln Counties.

The sanctuary declarations are in response to bills currently moving through the state legislature, including a blatantly unconstitutional “red flag” bill that would allow the government to take people’s guns away through a court order without anyone being convicted of a crime. Another bill mandates an intrusive background check requirement for private sales.

The county-level resolutions state that the county governments side with the Second Amendment rights of its citizens and that they won’t allocate law enforcement manpower or other resources to be used for new gun control laws out of Santa Fe that unjustly infringe on gun rights.

Here’s the text of what was passed in San Juan County.

“The purpose is to get the attention of Albuquerque and Santa Fe,” Sheriff Shane Ferrari told attendees at the packed San Juan county meeting.

“As sheriff, I want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals,” he said. “As sheriff, I want to keep guns in the hands of law abiding citizens.”

The resolution for Eddy County can be found here, and the resolution text for Lincoln County can be found here. Last week, Quay, Curry and Union Counties also declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.

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