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Conservative Review

The Democrat Party’s idea of justice ought to scare everyone.

We have competing ideas of justice in this country, about to play out during the midterm elections — elections that the Democrat Party insists are going to rebalance the power in our nation. On the one hand, one of our nation’s touchstone ideas: that a man is innocent until proven guilty; and on the other, a new kind of justice that promotes a person in the eyes of the law because of her gender. The principle of equality under the law be damned.

In an era where sports stars are refusing to respect our flag and what our nation stands for, because in their own words they believe that our nation is unjust, what we are truly seeing here is an attempt to turn away from blind justice and toward mob justice.

The Left in this nation truly believes that the police are the problem, that our entire justice system is rigged against people of certain race or gender. They would replace it with mob rule. And that is what we are seeing today in much of the media and other tentacles of the Democrat Party.

Those sitting on the sidelines say that maybe if Brett Kavanaugh had been replaced with a woman, or another less controversial judge, the confirmation process would not have been so difficult and messy. But those who believe that a nomination by a Republican president ought to be in line with the Democratic Party’s accepted norms have already given in to the mob. Those people are as dangerous as quislings; they would do anything to avoid a much-needed fight for principle and righteousness — even sell out the nation to avoid that fight. The greatness of America is definitely on the line here, and God bless Brett Kavanaugh for defending himself and his family against outrageous smears and threats.

Prejudice is wrong, yet it is exactly what the Democrat Party has been promoting in the case of Kavanaugh. Is there something wrong with the idea that a man — any man — is innocent until proven guilty? Are women always truthful? Are men? Who are we if a man is convicted without proof? What are we if we allow it to happen?

If the citizens of America sit by and allow public lynchings like this to press on, we will have allowed the Left in this nation to take us down without a fight. That doesn’t sound like the America I know.

We have a duty to keep our standards of justice and reject the imposition of prejudice. We have a duty to stand up and say that we will not tolerate the destruction of the most basic principle of innocence until proven guilty. We have a duty to demand that this standard will not be overturned, not on our watch, not in our country.

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