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NYPD officers snub ‘Red Bill’ de Blasio at funeral for slain cop

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A huge group of New York City Police Department officers turned their backs on “Red Bill” de Blasio as the city mayor delivered remarks at the funeral of slain officer Miosotis Familia.

Familia was assassinated in the Bronx last week by a man with a heavy criminal record. A lifelong public servant, she spent 13 years as an NYPD officer. Before that, she worked as a nurse at NYU Hospital and as a medical assistant for the American Red Cross.

Instead of attending Familia’s vigil, de Blasio jetted off to Hamburg, Germany. There, he addressed a radical leftist extremist protest that quickly turned violent and resulted in injuries to some 500 police officers.

Even the left-wing New York Times noted de Blasio’s bizarre trip to Hamburg — in which he dissed the American president on foreign soil — as a “much criticized” trip. In addition to missing Familia’s vigil, de Blasio also skipped over the swearing-in of over 500 new NYPD officers.

NYPD Sergeants Union president Ed Mullins slammed de Blasio’s utter disregard for the police, stating on behalf of his officers: “New York City is right now mourning the loss of a police officer who was dedicated to the city of New York, and we have our mayor who has just gone to Germany to join protesters. Is this the type of city we want to live in?"

Mullins also blamed de Blasio for creating an “anti-police atmosphere that is based on inaccurate facts and lies.”

In New York City on Tuesday, officers showed their disgust for their mayor’s abandonment of blue lives. While Mayor de Blasio spoke at Familia’s funeral, hundreds of officers turned their backs in protest of his leadership.

This isn’t the first time cops publicly renounced their sitting mayor. NYPD officers turning their backs on de Blasio has become a regular occurrence during his tumultuous term. Officers blame the mayor’s actions and rhetoric for creating an atmosphere that is hostile to police.

Opponents of de Blasio say his anti-police stance began during his mayoral campaign, where he sided with radical Left focused on ginning up hatred of police officers. In 2014, former NYPD police commissioner Ray Kelly bluntly described de Blasio’s candidacy as “an anti-police campaign.”

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