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Open-borders courts use our compassion against us — with deadly results

Conservative Review

We all know government agencies aren’t exactly case studies in efficiency, but does the global population have the right to come here through our borders and demand better notification for asylum filing deadlines? According to Seattle-based District Judge Ricardo Martinez, you betcha! On Thursday, he legislated that USCIS must provide asylum-seekers, within 90 days of their apprehension, notification that they have one year to file their applications, a process that is already manipulated and rife with fraud. Martinez is also forcing the government to issue new extensions to those who missed the deadline. This is contrary to statute, but immigration laws have been declared void.

Thanks to the abuse of America’ sovereignty and the promise of amnesty, there are now 230,000 pending asylum claims, more than six times the number of just four years ago and ten times the number of 2009. Central America is not more violent now than it was before; nor do most of those coming fit the description of a persecuted ethnic or religious minority. Yet they now abuse our laws and use the courts against us. They flood us in such large numbers that the immigration agencies cannot provide court dates expeditiously, triggering lawsuits that lead to quasi-amnesties.

And the results mire us farther and farther in crime, corruption, and preventable deaths.

What if I told you that 21 percent of the MS-13 gang members caught up in a recent government sting came here under a quasi-refugee program and are supposedly fleeing persecution?

As I noted yesterday, with reports that a new caravan of illegal aliens is headed north from Central America, it’s time to connect the dots again between cross-border migration, the flow of drugs, and the proliferation of gangs. Changing the term “drug crisis” to “opioid crisis” should not distract our attention from the true source of the problem.

Since last May, the Trump administration has used “Operation Matador” in an effort to round up as many foreign national gang members as possible and stem the tide of the MS-13 surge. It now appears that 99 of the 475 members arrested in the sting were unaccompanied minor children who came over the border in 2014-2015 following the promise of DACA amnesty, according to a press release from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Even worse, 64 of them have already been given full amnesty, while 65 of them were released after being arrested on gang charges! Four of those released have already re-offended!

By far, most of the arrestees were from El Salvador, the home country of MS-13. Others hailed primarily from Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala. The main area of focus was Long Island, New York, which has become a hotbed of MS-13 activity and drug-smuggling since the arrival of the DACA-driven UACs from Central America during Obama’s second term.

Indeed, what is a dream for a few thousand people who come here illegally for a better life creates a nightmare of domino effects for millions of other Mexicans and Americans on both sides of the border chaos.

President Trump has been on message the past few days, but it’s a day late and a dollar short. His leverage was all with the budget bills. Not only did he sign every single budget bill that scuttled his priorities since taking office, he also gave away the debt ceiling for free. As such, he has no other legislative vehicle as leverage to demand action to change law. His only remaining leverage is what our Founders envisioned – the ability to use every constitutional tool to push back against lawlessness from the other branches of government.

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