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Paging Donald Trump: North Carolina needs you

Conservative Review

We have reached rock bottom when political correctness can now eradicate the most immutable laws of civilization.  It is hard to think of something more extreme than the Charlotte Ordinance, promoted by a convicted child molester, which sought to eradicate innate sexual differences as it relates to private dressing rooms in the city.  Despite Republicans controlling the trifecta of state government in 23 states, North Carolina was the only state where all branches were willing to stand up to this corrosive political correctness, which violates natural law in the most literal sense. 

The Rainbow Jihad didn’t take this sitting down.  Nobody says no to them.  Last week, they got the NBA to announce they are reneging on their plan to play the 2017 All-Star Game at Time Warner Arena in Charlotte.  The irony is that the NBA originally made the decision before Charlotte even adopted their policy of de-civilization and mixed gender private spaces.  Thus, the policy existing now in the city, following passage and modification of HB2 is the same as it was when they originally planned to host the event there.  Moreover, their new destination, New Orleans, also has the same bathroom policy.  Yet, the haters are going to hate in order to shake down the state and ensure that nobody else follows North Carolina’s path of sanity.

Lt. Governor Dan Forest, who has been a resolute in defense of his state, released the following statement in response to the NBA:

What is happening here is so much bigger than a basketball game. A sovereign state is being blackmailed by a private business (NBA) who is being threatened by a national LGBT lobbying effort, all to force North Carolina to open female restrooms, showers and locker rooms up to men. All of this was done under the guise of "inclusiveness" and other politically correct buzzwords. But the reality is that had we not blocked the Charlotte Bathroom Ordinance from going into effect, sex offenders and pedophiles would have had full access to our women and children in bathrooms around the state. I enjoy the NBA and wanted them to hold the All-Star game in Charlotte but if that game comes with strings attached, strings that would expose women and children to danger, molestation, assault and voyeurism, then no thank you. Take your business elsewhere, and I have no apologies about saying that and never will. The NBA knows the economic hit North Carolina will take from this decision. I wish the NBA would likewise acknowledge the pain, sorrow and devastation a child or woman feels when they are exploited. We will never value a dollar over a woman's or child's safety and security.

Wow, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a presidential nominee who was as stalwart and anti-PC as Dan Forest?  On second thought, don’t we have a new party leader who is so powerful and effective and has earned a reputation as a crusader against political correctness?  This is the quintessential moment for him to use his unrivaled power and influence for good.  Just one twitter post would blow up the narrative and provide the beleaguered North Carolina Republicans with much-needed air cover.  Now would be the perfect time for Mr. Donald J. Trump to defend the one state party that is actually standing up to the most caustic form of political correctness.  The PGA is now threatening to pull out of North Carolina as well.

After the Rainbow freak show at the RNC Thursday night, we’ve seen one conservative and Christian leader after another bow to the LGBTQFU#$%*^ agenda in order to comport with Trump’s personal views.  Rather than commit to supporting him in November but hold his feet to the fire on the most vicious assaults on our values, many conservatives have opted to realign ALL of their views with the new GOP nominee.  In reality, now is the time to double down on defending gender sanity against the Marxist culture warriors, given that both major parties are now against us, and to call on Trump to join us. 

Trump must remember that if the fascist boycott culture is allowed to succeed, his own alleged agenda will be hampered.  To the extent he is serious about pursuing rigorous immigration enforcement, he must be prepared for ubiquitous boycotts that will make the North Carolina dynamic seem like child’s play.  Remember the response to Arizona’s SB 1070 enforcement law?  We know Trump doesn’t care much about the assault from the Rainbow Jihad, to put it mildly, but he would be wise to join our effort to dis-incentivize the culture of boycotts.  One day, it will be used against him with much greater force. 

Now would be a great time to demonstrate that he is indeed a bold and refreshing leader of this party.    

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