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Parkland parent eviscerates Broward sheriff: ‘A total shameless person with no integrity’

Conservative Review

As the Florida Senate considers whether to reinstate former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, one Parkland parent is speaking out against Israel, slamming him for lacking "integrity."

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was slain in the 2018 Parkland school shooting, was interviewed on "Fox & Friends" Monday, where he blasted Israel's failed leadership.

"I want everyone to remember he went on national TV claiming his amazing leadership. He wanted to deflect from his department's failures and blame the gun," Pollack said. "But there were so many failures."

Pollack reviewed how the Parkland shooter "had over 40 calls to his house with no policies in place to handle that" and how there was a tip that a shooting might take place and several shooting threats before the massacre.

"Eight of [Israel's] deputies pulled up and took a perimeter around the school, instead of going right into the school, while there were shots still going on on the third floor. One of those shots could have been my daughter getting murdered," Pollack said.

"His command center that day failed," he continued.

"Ten people all in all failed, and this guy claimed he had amazing leadership, and it's just one failure after the other."

Under Israel's leadership, Broward County's law enforcement agencies adopted several policies supported by progressive criminal justice reform advocates that weakened law enforcement and incentivized local officials to keep juveniles like the Parkland shooter out of jail. As one of his first acts as governor, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended Israel from service and appointed a replacement.

"He is a total shameless person with no integrity," Pollack said. "And he has no right to lead in Broward County because the whole community wouldn't be safe."

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