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Paul Ryan records deceptive robo call for OH-14 RINO David Joyce

In 2014, I had the privilege of being involved directly or indirectly in almost every major primary challenge lodged against establishment Republican incumbents.  While we failed to win all but the Dave Brat (R-VA) race, that movement helped spawn the permanent rebellion against the party establishment we are witnessing today.

The most indelible lesson I learned from that elections cycle is that we had become victims of our own success on issues and principles.  Rather than standing on the veracity of their milquetoast views and capricious principles, these establishment elites actually co-opt conservatives’ views, run as ‘outsider’ conservatives, and all too often, even paint the conservative challenger as a liberal!  I’ve seen this dynamic play out time and again.  For example, liberal Republican Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID), who voted for TARP, ran ads saying he voted to repeal TARP and then painted his conservative challenger, Bryan Smith, as a “liberal trial lawyer.”

Nowhere is this phenomenon more evident today than in the race between incumbent RINO Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH) and challenger Matt Lynch in OH-14.  Joyce is a member of the Republican Main Street Partnership, an organization funded by big labor and George Soros groups, and has a 37% Liberty Score.  Yes, an F-.  Even though Joyce has voted for every single spending bill, including funding for amnesty, Speaker Paul Ryan recorded the following deceptive robo call for him in the Cleveland-area suburban district today.

What is so ironic here is that Ryan is only Speaker precisely because of all the betrayals of John Boehner during the past few years.  Dave Joyce voted for almost every one of those bills that led to the Boehner coup and the eventual ascendency of Ryan to the speakership.  Also, notice how Ryan dishonestly implies that Joyce is a conservative outsider going to fight all the liberal interests.  One would come away with the impression that he is not the sitting incumbent, much less the incumbent who has saddled up to all of the liberal lobbyists he wants people to think Joyce will fight.  When Matt Lynch challenged Dave Joyce two years ago, Joyce was supported by the American Hospital Association and Chamber of Commerce precisely because he loves earmarks and wants to keep Obamacare.

And speaking of the Chamber of Commerce, listen to this appallingly dishonest radio ad that is on air in in the Cleveland market:

Trusted and proven conservative fighting back against Washington liberals!  Taking an ax to spending, voting to slash trillions of dollars!  Working to reverse Obamacare!

Folks, this is what conservatives are up against.  We have liberal Republican pay-for-play types who are supported by the very lobbyists who support Obamacare, more regulations, and spending, yet they are too cowardly to run on their views so they air radio and TV ads depicting themselves as just the opposite.

Then they smear people like Matt Lynch and call them liberals! Meanwhile, when Matt Lynch was in the state legislature, he fought his own party the same way Ted Cruz did on a national level.  When John Kasich, (yes, that John Kasich, the one fraudulently running as a conservative) implemented Obamacare in the state by making an end-run around the Republican-controlled legislature, Lynch joined in a lawsuit against his own party’s governor to fight the power grab.

When John Kasich gave in-state tuition to illegal aliens via executive order and when he agreed to allow illegal aliens to receive driver’s licenses, Lynch introduced legislation to block him.  Lynch was one of the few Republicans to oppose Kasich’s budget, which increased spending by $7 billion and raised the sales tax and property tax.

It is because of these deeds that the liberal special interests are opposing Lynch, yet they run ads accusing him of being a liberal and Joyce of being a fiscal conservative!  They accused him of voting against Kasich’s “balanced budget” because he opposed increased taxes and spending.

Sound familiar on a federal level?

On March 15, Ohio voters will not only face the choice of voting for a president with a proven conservative record among a bunch of phony candidates, they will be confronted with the same choice for Congress in Ohio’s 14th district.

Just remember, liberal Republicans will never wear their team jersey while seeking your vote.  They will steal our jersey and attempt to toss their dirty laundry on good and honest men.

One last thing…
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