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Progressivism is a cult: John Oliver edition

Conservative Review

There have been roughly 60 million abortions since the Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that it was a woman’s right to murder the baby inside her.

Some of those abortions were by Kermit Gosnell, who didn’t stop the killing once the baby left the womb. In 2013, he was convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of three babies who were delivered alive and then killed with scissors.

And not long after that horror was stopped, an undercover investigation conducted by the Center for Medical Progress produced multiple videos showing Planned Parenthood executives caught discussing the sale of human body parts after the babies they belonged to were dismembered by so-called “doctors.”

That in turn led to two separate frivolous lawsuits against the Center for Medical Progress that were ultimately dismissed and a Department of Justice investigation of Planned Parenthood.

So how does HBO “funny” man John Oliver respond to all of that?

By actually trying to claim the high ground. With a laugh track. While lying through his teeth. Because progressivism is a cult.

Crisis pregnancy centers were the target of his moral bankruptcy. Oliver put together a skit with a former Saturday Night Live actress pretending to be a worker at a crisis pregnancy center. He believes those centers, many of which are run by Christian organizations and don’t do crazy things like, you know, kill innocent babies, are guilty of providing insufficient and misleading medical services to women.

That’s pretty rich, considering how Planned Parenthood is known for covering up statutory rape and sex trafficking while promoting racism, according to Live Action, the pro-life group run by Lila Rose.

Oh, and did I mention that Oliver produced his bit of pagan propaganda after he and his staff reached out to but totally omitted information provided by Care Net, a pro-life pregnancy center whose CEO, Roland Warren, proceeded to turn the tables on Oliver, the only party in this discussion guilty of manipulating the truth.

For example, the actress in Oliver’s skit sarcastically claimed that she wasn’t “legally required in New York to have any training at all to use this ultrasound machine,” in an attempt to paint crisis pregnancy centers as somehow amateur. Suddenly ultrasounds are really important to the baby-killers, I guess. Weird. Remember when we were told ultrasounds were rape by the same people? So hard to keep up with reason and science these days.

Furthermore, the accusation leveled by Oliver is also, not surprisingly, the very opposite of the truth, according to Personhood Iowa’s executive director, Tim Overlin. He said that a crisis pregnancy clinic Oliver mentioned by name, Informed Choices, is actually certified in the same manner as the medical clinic at Iowa State University. Meanwhile, many Planned Parenthood clinics are simply self-accredited.

Not to mention those Planned Parenthood clinics were once again funded by promise-breaking Republicans in 2018 to the tune of more than $500 million dollars, while crisis pregnancy centers are usually self-funded. So not only are babies being killed by Oliver's peeps, but the taxpayers are picking up the tab.

It is truly remarkable that no roadblock, whether fiscal, scientific, ethical, or spiritual, is too big for men like Oliver to self-righteously crash through in the name of killing babies. Their bloodlust is limitless, and the motley collection of lies and decadence it takes to keep it that way makes the original cantina scene from Star Wars look like a Billy Graham crusade.

Oliver’s mind is a tomb. It’s not enough that abortion is readily available, but his worldview demands that we all become Aztecs and throw our progeny in the fire as proper sacrifice to the sages.

That’s called a cult, and Oliver’s laughter is merely the incantation of one of its high priests.

Finally, Oliver's polemic once more demonstrates the difference between yesterday's liberals and today's leftists. Yesterday's liberals wanted government to permit you to do wicked and immoral things like kill innocent children. But today's leftists, like Oliver, want government to command you to do wicked and immoral things like kill innocent children.

And hell, literally, hath no fury like a leftist whose bloodlust is denied.

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