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Proof the Left doesn’t even believe its own propaganda

Conservative Review

Remember when the Left spent a generation repeating the mantra "her body her choice?" Perhaps a woman like porn star August Ames would appreciate being made aware of this progressive notion of autonomy. Except it's sadly too late to tell her, because she's dead.

Ames took her own life this week, and the evidence appears to show that she was tragically driven to suicide after cyber-bulling from the Rainbow Jihad. Despite claims by leftist Twitter to the contrary, there is no evidence that cutting taxes kills people. However, we may now have evidence that rabid political correctness does.

Ames spent the final days of her life defending her decision not to perform with what are known as "crossover" adult stars. This means men who work in both gay and straight porn. Ames made this decision based on health concerns. Rates for contracting HIV are obviously higher in the homosexual community, and apparently testing for gay porn stars isn't as strict as it is for straight ones.

So looking at the data and her own personal comfort level, Ames made the decision not to expose her body to the potential risks. And for that, she was cyber-lynched by the very same people who preach tolerance and "love is love," of course.

They stalked and destroyed Ames, all because by choosing, of her own volition, to make a living selling her body for sex and then setting her own boundaries, she dared to fulfill the Left's very "her body her choice" propaganda. Ames should have been a poster-girl for the version of sexual liberation the Left has been selling us all my life. Instead, by actually living it out, she became a pariah.

Once more, every time we turn onto Tolerance Boulevard, it's a one-way street.

Just ask Jenna Jameson, once the most successful porn star in the industry's history. Jameson is now clean and sober, serious about her Jewish faith, and dares to share her more conservative political opinions on social media these days. She doesn't "slut-shame" the women following in her past footsteps today, either. But the same grace is rarely returned to her.

She is the target of some of the most vile "slut-shaming" you can imagine. Things I am not willing to repeat, and I'm certainly no shrinking violet. All because she dares to think for herself outside the cult of progressivism. And for that, the very same leftists who encourage our underage daughters to dress like strippers for Halloween suddenly have their scarlet letters at the ready.

Because in the end this isn't about tolerance, love, or compassion. This is about what progressivism has always really been about, once you strip away the talking points — power and control.

And if you dare to defy their spirit of the age, then you will be made to care. Just ask August Ames, except sadly you can't.

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