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Refugee policies are killing us with 'compassion'

Conservative Review

Over the weekend, I received a piece of spam mail from the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) begging for donations (millions from the taxpayer is evidently not enough) in order to be “humane” and “compassionate.” They were referring to one thing: bringing in more Islamic refugees from the Middle East. Later that day, I saw in my news alerts that a Holocaust survivor in France was stabbed 11 times and then set on fire by a Muslim immigrant neighbor living in the budding French caliphate. The Left’s “compassion” is really quite cruel.

As we see every day, importing large numbers of fervent Muslims from the Middle East without any circumspection or common sense merely imports the values of the Middle East. The sickening irony of the Left’s multi-culture agenda came full circle over the weekend when the body of Mireille Knoll was discovered in Paris, charred and stabbed by a Muslim neighbor. Knoll evaded capture by the Nazis in Paris in 1942, but she couldn’t evade the suicidal policies on Islamic immigration of her government.

According to various Israeli news outlets, a granddaughter of the victim, who moved to Israel, posted the following powerful message on Facebook:

"Twenty years ago I left Paris knowing that my future was not there, neither mine nor that of the Jewish people," she wrote. “But who would’ve thought that I was leaving my relatives where terrorism and cruelty would lead to such a tragedy. My grandmother was stabbed to death 11 times by a Muslim neighbor she knew well, who made sure to set fire to her home and left us not even one object, a letter, a photograph, to remember her by. All we have are our tears and each other."

And these people have the outrageous impertinence to call us neo-Nazis? Are you kidding me? In another disgusting twist, these same liberal NGOs are the ones who want Israel to commit suicide and create a PLO state, thereby eliminating the one safe harbor for European Jews fleeing anti-Semitism thanks to their suicidal immigration policies in the West!

Sandwiched between overt cruelty and the “compassionate” cruelty of leftism

Jews have now become refugees from Europe thanks to the “compassionate” refugee policy of Western European countries that have imported people who harbor a satanic hatred for the West and particularly for Jews. Yet these same left-wing government officials and NGOs, including liberal Jewish groups like HIAS, are now trying to turn America – one of the last beacons of freedom for Jews – into the Euro-Islamic nightmare.

There have been a slew of gruesome attacks by Muslims living in Europe against peaceful Jews. Just last April, a 66-year-old retired French physician, Sarah Halimi, was beaten to death by a Muslim neighbor and thrown out the window of her home. The killer was a Mali immigrant who shouted “allahu Akbar” before throwing her out the window. Her crime was being Jewish.

In January, a few days after two kosher markets were set on fire, a 15-year-old girl coming home from a Jewish private school was attacked and slashed in the face with a utility knife.

Last February, two Jewish brothers were kidnapped in France, and one’s finger was sawed off.

As a side note, notice the “creative” ways the Islamists in Europe devise to kill people, as most citizens, including Jews, can’t own or carry guns to defend themselves. Yup, that’s another “compassionate” principle of the Left.

The security situation has gotten so bad for Jews in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, that most have had to flee after many settled there after the Holocaust and built peaceful lives. What changed? Nearly 20 percent of the city’s population is now Muslim.

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