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Rep. Matt Gaetz tells Mark Levin: Impeachment Democrats are a 'rabid, angry pack of hyenas'

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Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin interviewed Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., after Gaetz and several other House Republicans stormed a closed-door impeachment hearing run by the Democrats. Gaetz explained why Republicans held a press conference outside the secure room where the three Democrat-led committees pursing the impeachment inquiry against President Trump were interviewing a witness.

"Frankly, we're just fed up. We're tired of the Democrats running this kangaroo court underground in the basement of the Capitol," Gaetz told Levin. "There are no rules. There is no access to documents. They change the rules as they go along, and Adam Schiff is one of only 435 members of Congress, and yet he thinks he can hold all the information, selectively leak stuff, lie about his contacts with whistleblowers, theatrically perform in committee transcripts that are fake, that didn't happen."

"There are too many people on the Right ... that believe that you can apply the Marquess of Queensberry rules of engagement when you're fighting a rabid, angry pack of hyenas, but I don't think that way," Gaetz continued. "I think that if they are going to be acting in a lawless fashion to overturn the results of a presidential election, that members of Congress representing millions of Americans collectively ought to show up, we ought to be counted, and we ought to actually earn our paychecks and fight for our constituents."


Gaetz defended President Trump's ability to pressure Ukraine to investigate possible corruption on behalf of the U.S.

"Here's another thing the media will never tell you: A Ukrainian court ruled that Ukrainian officials were illegally meddling in the 2016 [U.S.] election when they selectively timed leaks relating to Paul Manafort to what the Hillary Clinton DNC team wanted to have the most negative impact on Donald Trump's candidacy," Gaetz said. "So there was already a court decision in the Ukraine that there was illegal meddling, and there's nothing wrong with the president of the United States saying we have an expectation that you'll work with us and cooperate with us so that we can get to this corrupt influence that came out of the Ukraine and that influenced our country."

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