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Report: Air Force made the Devin Kelley mistake ‘dozens’ of times

Conservative Review

Earlier this month, gunman Devin Kelley killed 26 people at a church in Texas with a firearm he was not supposed to be able to purchase. The Air Force had failed to report his domestic violence conviction to a gun background-check database, enabling Kelley to buy firearms.

A review by the United States Air Force has since found “several dozen” more instances where the military failed to report service members convicted of serious crimes to the federal gun background-check databases, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

After the Air Force admitted on Nov. 6 that officials at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico had failed to report the results of Mr. Kelley’s court-martial to the federal background database, it launched an investigation into how many other serious convictions had not been reported.

While officials have only examined a portion of the convictions across the Air Force that should have been reported, several dozen cases have already surfaced that were not reported as required. Those have been corrected and reported in the past few weeks since the review began, Air Force officials said.

In a statement, the Air Force said the mistake made in the Kelley case “was not an isolated incident” and that “training and compliance measures were lacking.”

This is a clear failure of government — a failure that potentially puts firearms in the hands of convicted criminals and/or mentally disturbed individuals. 

How could anyone possibly think that stricter gun laws and more government could stop mass shootings when the government is incapable of following the laws we already have?

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