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Report: Thousands of DACA 'dreamers' have arrest records, so what's Congress going to do about it?

Conservative Review

A bombshell report from Fox News Monday reveals that nearly 60,000 illegal immigrant DACA recipients have arrest records, including 10 who have been accused of murder. This report undermines the propaganda from Democrats, the media, and pro-amnesty Republicans that everyone permitted to stay in the United States under President Obama's illegal executive order is a high-achieving student "dreamer."

From Fox News:

According to DHS, 59,786 DACA recipients have been arrested while in the U.S. -- approximately 7.8 percent of all who have been approved to remain in this country under the program since it was created in 2012. Of those, 53,792 were arrested before their most recent request for a so-called "grant of deferred action" was approved. Another 7,814 were arrested after their request was approved.

The DHS statistics do not indicate how many of the arrested immigrants were convicted of crimes, nor do they indicate whether charges were reduced or dropped. They also do not indicate how many arrested DACA recipients were deported as the result of a conviction.


Of the 53,792 DACA recipients with a "prior" arrest, more than 4,500 had been arrested on allegations of assault or battery; 830 arrests were related to sex crimes -- including rape, sexual abuse or indecent exposure; and 95 arrests were made on warrants for kidnapping, human trafficking or false imprisonment. Ten such arrests -- or 0.02 percent of all arrests -- were made in murder cases.

Approximately 38.9 percent of the DACA recipients with a "prior" arrest were accused of so-called "driving-related" offenses, excluding driving under the influence. Another 22.1 percent were accused of "immigration-related" crimes, while 12.3 percent were accused of theft and larceny. More than 4,600 DACA recipients have been accused of "drug-related" crimes, again excluding driving under the influence.

As Daniel Horowitz has noted many times for Conservative Review, the Obama administration did not properly vet many of those who participated in the DACA program. In fact, in a rush to sign up illegal immigrants for DACA amnesty, the government made several mistakes, signing up individuals who were too old or who could not verify their ages. Important data on individuals who were wrongly signed up for the program is missing, and it is unclear how many criminals or individuals with arrest records would be permitted to stay in the U.S. as recipients of the DACA program under the amnesty bills currently under consideration in Congress.

The current push for legalizing Obama's DACA program and granting amnesty, potentially to millions of illegal immigrants, is ill-considered. Illegal immigration fuels violent crime and is the largest force behind the nation's drug and opioid crisis, and amnesty sends a signal that incentivizes more illegal immigration.

Fox News' report ought to demonstrate to Congress that now is the time for border security first, leaving the question of amnesty for individuals brought to the United States illegally as children for a time when no more children or adults enter this country illegally.

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