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Republican Rep. Jordan: Special prosecutor for Clinton right now

Conservative Review

On Wednesday morning, Congressman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, responded to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ unclear position on appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s ties to Fusion GPS and Russia and the Uranium One deal orchestrated by the Clinton State Department during the Obama administration.

Jordan, appearing on “Fox & Friends,” said the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the full breadth of Clinton’s potentially illegal activities “needs to happen.”

“It needs to be about everything, including Mr. Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation in 2016,” Jordan said. “The inspector general is looking into that right now. We’re going to look into it as a congressional committee, but it needs to be the full gambit because frankly it’s all tied together, and we think in many ways Mr. Rosenstein and many ways Mr. Mueller is compromised; they’re not going to look at some of these issues.”

“But the biggest part, I do believe, is the dossier,” Jordan stressed. “The fact, as I said yesterday, the fact that a major political party can finance this dossier at the same time it looks like Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier, was being paid by the FBI.”

“So are they complicit in putting together this dossier, which was National Enquirer baloney, turning it into an intelligence document, getting a warrant, and spying on Americans? If that happened in this great country, that is just so wrong. That’s why it warrants a special examination of this whole issue.”

Asked by Ainsley Earhardt why the Department of Justice hasn’t asked for a special counsel yet, Jordan said he thinks it’s because “some of the career people at the Justice Department just don’t want to go there.” Jordan also said that Attorney General Sessions, who is “a good man,” may feel compromised by his recusal from some aspects of the Russia investigation and therefore unwilling to push hard against those who don’t want to go after Clinton.

On Tuesday, the attorney general testified before the House Judiciary Committee. When asked by Rep. Jordan if he would appoint a special counsel to investigate Clinton, Sessions demurred.

“We will use the proper standards and that’s the only thing I can tell you, Mr. Jordan. You can have your idea but sometimes we have to study what the facts are and to evaluate whether it meets the standards it requires,” Sessions said. He also cast doubts on whether the facts supported an investigation. “I would say ‘looks like’ is not enough basis to appoint a special counsel,” he said.

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