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Could Republicans trade Susan Collins for John James in the Senate?

Conservative Review

Let’s lose Susan Collins and gain John James.

Senator Collins from Maine is a liberal nominal Republican who repeatedly defies the Republican platform and may vote soon against a qualified judicial nominee because the female nominee isn’t pro-abortion.

“My concern is not based on Ms. Pitlyk’s personal views on abortion or various medical decisions, which she has every right to hold,” Collins said in a statement. “I do question, however, given her pattern of strident advocacy, whether she could put aside her personal views on these matters.”

So, the Republican from Maine is concerned that someone who is against abortion might actually hear cases with an open mind and heart, when the status quo is closed and heartless.

Her adherence to Democrat orthodoxy is a problem for Trump, but more importantly for the argument going on within the Republican Party. The Republicans are called to fight against the anti-American Democrats, because that is what matters to the average Trump voter. A person who fights the loss of Americanism is a person who wins the favor of the American people. Surely some people in Maine are Trump supporters, but to win, Collins can’t afford to be seen with them, because she can’t be seen as supportive of Trump.

Just as recently, when asked who his favorite Democrat is, Donald Trump Jr. said, “Mitt Romney,” we should be asking which of these Republicans are actually Democrats, picked solely to be seen as winning as Republicans.

Collins is currently a part of a RINO trio with Romney and Murkowski, a small cabal or “squad” if you will, who are throwing their weight around as the Republicans of yesteryear, the fools who got us where we are today, scratching and clawing our way out of years of kowtowing to the  progressive cesspool. They believe the Trump era will wither away and that they will inherit the Republican Party as soon as he is gone.

The number of times she’s voted with Democrats would be impossible to trace in one article, but her long history of consistently defying Republican causes is legendary. In nearly every fight, Collins brandishes that phony “maverick” position just as John McCain did, the one Romney is trying to become the heir of. Even when all Republicans, conservative or not, are on board with a given Republican priority, Collins has to make sure that her position is at least seven-eighths Democrat, or she will be blasted back home.

In an article at Politico, Collins summed up her position as a “Maine Republican.”

“Have I lost some votes because of my decision to support Justice Kavanaugh? Yes, I have. And I’m sad about that because I explained in great depth my decision-making,” Collins said. But “there still is an appreciation in Maine for someone who looks at the facts of an issue, votes with integrity and independence.”

Independence from what? She explains the problem right there. Her credentials as a candidate in Maine are always measured against what the Democrats expect of her. If she goes crazy and votes in favor of Republican causes, she considers it being “independent” of her Democrat mob.

Surely, if Collins loses, it means that Maine’s lone nominal Republican Senate seat will fall into Democrat hands, but that is not a true loss when the Democrat won’t vote much differently from the “Republican.”

The Republican Party must recognize when people in its own party are working against the ideals of the agreed-upon platform. Collins has voted with the president only 32 percent of the time in the 116th Congress, less than half of what her percentage was in the 115th. This is because she’s nearing re-election. It is expected that she has to break from Trump, and yet, for some mysterious reason, the president plans to make Maine a battleground for what might only be one electoral vote, if he’s lucky.

But during the Trump era, we don’t need any more Romneys, Murkowskis, or Collinses. The Midwest is in play. Let’s clinch it. One of the weakest Democrats in the Senate is Gary Peters. Who? Exactly.

He’s been a senator for years, serving as the junior senator from Michigan with Debbie Stabenow, another clod who has proven to be difficult to remove, and nobody knows what he’s doing there. His campaign is spitting out the same useless crap it does every election time, and let’s not forget that Michigan went for Trump and likely will go again. It would be fitting for Michigan to have at least one Republican in the Senate, so Republicans should focus more on his challenger, John James.

Ultimately, with a Republican senator from Michigan, perhaps we Michiganders could finally have some representation in D.C. that reflects our actual positions. Collins is running away from the politics of her party, but a potential Republican senator from Michigan would have an enormous body of Trump Republicans to bring to the polls.

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