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Senator Tillis throws North Carolina under the transgender bus

Conservative Review

If you want to know why the most extreme elements of the Left are winning 50-year culture wars overnight without facing a modicum of opposition, look no further than North Carolina’s junior senator, Thom Tillis (F, 36%), and his refusal to defend HB2.

North Carolina is under attack from the federal government and President Obama’s allies for upholding the most self-evident laws of nature and civilization: protecting the privacy of women in bathrooms and locker rooms.  Yet, the state’s senior senator, Richard Burr (F, 45%), doesn’t seem to be bothered by this assault.  In response to the governor’s request for help from Congress, Burr demurred and scandalously claimed that this issue is the exclusive purview of the courts.  Concerned constituents wanted to know where Tillis, the junior senator, stood on the issue.  A.P. Dillon, a key grassroots activist in North Carolina and expert on HB2, posted a copy of Tillis’s response.  Here is the “meat”:

I understand your concerns about HB 2.  Reasonable people can disagree about these sensitive issues.  Recently, the Obama administration, through the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), filed a complaint against the state of North Carolina.  This federal intrusion into what was essentially a state concern, using a novel interpretation of the language of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1972 and the Education Amendments of 1972, was un unnecessary escalation of a conflict that I am confident the good people of North Carolina can resolve amicably. 

Beyond this recent DOJ action on the matter, HB 2 is a state law, and I am no longer serving in the state legislature.  I would recommend that you contact your State Senator and State Representatives and share your concerns with them.

Freeze frame for a moment.  This is why we lose.  There is an enduring imbalance in American politics and it has only gotten worse in recent years.  Whereas Democrats delegitimize even the most common sense conservative policy initiatives, Republicans legitimize the most insane, odious and preposterous ideas of the Left.

“Reasonable people can disagree.”  What?  “A novel interpretation of the language of Title IX.”  Say again?  Yes, that men are women is quite novel, but reasonable people can disagree, according to Tillis.

More broadly, how can Tillis suggest that he will wash his hands of HB2 because it’s a state issue?  Yes, that’s the point. It was a state issue until the two unelected branches of the federal government (DOJ and Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals) made it a federal issue.  Why won’t the representatives from North Carolina in the elected branch of the federal government help return the issue to the states?  Moreover, eradicating gender differences is neither a state nor a federal issue; it is reflective of mental illness and de-civilization.  It’s also important to remember that once the Obama administration sent out the letter demanding unisex accommodations in all 50 states, this is no longer “a state issue.”  Coupled with Obama’s other edict barring public universities from inquiring into criminal records of prospective students, colleges are now particularly unsafe for young women in all states.

There you have it.  Another red state has two Republican senators who are unwilling to stand up to the most destructive policy imaginable.  Tillis was just elected after running as a solid conservative who was going to stand up to Obama’s heavy-handed lawlessness.  This is what is going to continue happening unless conservatives begin changing election laws in the red states and choose party nominees via representative conventions instead of popular primaries.

But fear not, we don’t need a Republican Party on a congressional level because we have an unparalleled, aggressive, and efficacious voice as our party’s nominee for president who will finally put an end to this politically correct insanity.  Oh wait….

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