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Shooting at a packed nightclub in Canada, where gun control is already way stricter than the U.S.

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Shots rang out at a packed Toronto nightclub as an altercation involving a firearm sent five people to the hospital, one with life-threatening injuries, according to local police.

A Toronto police official told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation said that it was "fortunate there's five victims only," because "the club was completely full."

The CBC reports that 3 victims from the early Monday morning shooting were found at the scene, while two fled and took themselves to the hospital.

"It's very concerning," the official added, "the club was packed with patrons."

The story also notes two other shootings in Toronto over the weekend.

As I pointed out for a different story earlier this year (which was also about circumventing Canada's firearm laws), Canada’s gun control situation looks much like what the gun control lobby says it wants right now, as opposed to the more draconian laws in most European countries, which look like what more extreme voices in the gun control movement actually want:

  • While most long guns are classified as “non-restricted” in Canada, most handguns are deemed “restricted” firearms (some are banned) and are under extensive regulation.
  • All gun owners have to be licensed, and there are extra licensure requirements for “restricted” firearms.
  • License applications require third-party references.
  • Concealed carry is virtually nonexistent unless you need to carry for work.
  • All “restricted” guns have to be registered with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  • The government regulates private gun storage.

Last year, the country’s liberal government proposed expanding background checks to cover a person’s entire life history and requiring government authorization for the transportation of privately owned guns. Now, Canadian gun control advocates believe that a full handgun ban is “within our reach.

U.S. politicians have responded to shootings in Ohio and Texas over the weekend by proposing different forms of reactionary gun control. President Trump gave an address from the White House in support of "red flag" gun confiscation laws, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., put out a joint statement calling for expanded background check legislation.

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