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Steve Deace BLOWS UP liberal argument for DACA

Conservative Review

CRTV’s Steve Deace got into a heated argument with "conservative" commentator Ben Ferguson on CNN Thursday during a segment debating President Trump’s DACA deal with Democrats.

Appearing on “CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin,” Ferguson argued that even conservatives believe that “Dreamers” – illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children – should have “some pathway to citizenship.” He also defended Trump’s deals with Democratic leaders. Trump voters simply want him to “get something done,” Ferguson said.

“That’s not why they voted for him. They didn’t vote for him to ‘get something done,’ Ben,” Deace rebutted. “Here’s what they want done: There is a prominent political commentator who pointed out last week, 91 percent of DACA recipients are either in a university or have a full-time job making $41,000 a year. What they would like to know is, where is the compassion for them?”

“How many Americans watching right now would like to have a job making $41,000 a year?” Deace continued. “How many of them would like to have their children in those slots in those universities that they’re subsidizing?”

“When [Trump] said ‘America first,’ when he said he was going to put their values first — the people that have watched their jobs go overseas or people like my own step-dad who used to not even step on a union site for less than 20 bucks an hour, and then watched his job go to illegals and took early retirement instead from his union — those people, they thought he meant he was gonna put them first. Not ‘I gotta get something done first.’ Not the Swamp first.”

When Ferguson resorted to the liberal tactic of repeating how we all should have compassion for illegal immigrant children, Deace jumped in, demanding to know where the compassion for Americans harmed by illegal immigration is.

Ferguson told Deace to “chill out” and proceeded to finish his point on “compassion.”

“That’s a false argument,” Deace said. His point: Trump voters want President Trump to put American children first. Not illegal immigrants.

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