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Suicide by immigration: Two more Iraqi refugees bite the hand that feeds them

Conservative Review

With yet another pair of Muslim terrorist arrests, can we now ask when it will be socially acceptable among the conservative elites (never mind the liberal elites) to finally recognize the existential threat of the refugee program and mass Islamic immigration?

Late yesterday, news broke that the FBI arrested two Iraqi refugees of Palestinian descent, in two separate incidents, for supporting ISIS.  Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, 23, was brought in as a refugee in October 2012 and just 13 months later went on to fight for terror groups in Syria.  He was arrested in Sacramento.  Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, 24, who was brought here as a refugee in 2009, was arrested in Houston on charges of providing material support to ISIS.

One has to wonder how many more family members were brought in and where their allegiance lies.  Also, there is no word yet on whether the suspects were part of the 91.3% of Middle Eastern refugees who are on welfare.

Al-Jayab allegedly wrote to a friend last year that “America will not isolate me from my Islamic duty.”  But rest easy, we are promised that the over 100,000 Muslim immigrants we will bring in this year alone will easily assimilate into American culture.

I’m proud of the work we’ve done here at Conservative Review, reporting on the threat of Iraqi refugees since our first month in operation.  The American people now understand the severity of this threat, but the political elites are slow to catch on.

We ominously watch across the pond as German women are being raped in their own streets by Muslim invaders, invited in by their corrupt leadership, in scenes that could be taken straight out of the Middle Ages.  And yet our own corrupt leadership gave Obama another $1.67 billion for refugee resettlement despite seeing the collapse of the European civilization and the daily arrests of Muslim terrorists here at home.  Thank God for the diligent work of the FBI, in spite of the constant pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood-supporting bureaucrats to scuttle their investigations into terror activities in these communities.

After spending over a trillion dollars—and losing thousands of lives—delivering Iraq into the hands of Iran, we have nothing to show for it but the 140,000 refugees we’ve brought to our shores since 2007.  As we’ve noted before, the Iraqi refugee program is a prima facie threat because we will admit both radical Shiites and Sunnis so long as each can claim persecution by the other group.

In just the first work week of 2016, everything we’ve predicted about the fallout from the GOP betrayal came true.  Obama has taken steps to bring in more immigrants and refugees, release criminal aliens and prisoners, continue ignoring sanctuary cities and suspending deportations, all the while making it harder for law-abiding gun owners to protect themselves from the very dangers his policies exacerbate.  Republicans could have used the end-of-2015 omnibus bill as leverage to deny funding to each of these unpopular and pernicious policies.

Folks, what we are doing is clearly not working.  We need to change tactics and change them fast.

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