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That was quick: Progressive says DEMOCRAT sex abusers should stay

Conservative Review

This is disgusting. A “feminist” writer has finally said publicly what the worst progressives really think: a Democrat who sexually abuses a woman should be let off the hook because he’s a Democrat.

The blogger, Kate Harding, is “sincerely” making this argument.

Why? Because all men in politics are likely to be sexual abusers. Obviously.

Couldn’t be a B.S. feminist rant without a “Handmaid’s Tale” garbage reference.

Yeah, because incumbent establishment Republicans pulled out all the stops to make sure Donald Trump was elected. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were out in front of TV cameras every day trying to make America great again. No, wait, that was Earth-2. Back here in reality, Paul Ryan said he’d stop defending Trump, and Mitch McConnell retreated into his shell during that election.

Aren’t men who would sexually abuse women already sociopaths?

Oh look, concluding with identity politics. That was fun. At least it’s over.


THERE IT IS. Removing from office Democrats who abuse women will do “catastrophic damage to our political interests.”

This “feminist” doesn’t care about women. She’s purely political. She puts the priorities of the Democratic Party ahead of the moral responsibility we have to see justice done and victims of sexual abuse defended.

As long as there are progressives like her, scumbag Democrats like Al Franken will continue to get away with their scum.

Politics over people, always, for the Left.

Editor's note: This piece has been corrected to state that Kate Harding is a writer, not a blogger, and to refer to the show "Handmaid's Tale" rather than "Handmaiden's."

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