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The media is at war. Are we?

Conservative Review

The Mueller report has demonstrated with objective and verifiable certainty that the progressive media apparatus currently dominating America’s dissemination of information is at war with you.

Whether it's collusion, Kavanaugh, Covington, etc., our friends from the “journalism is magical and not at all broken” cult pushing these false and debunked narratives either pathologically need to believe such things about those with whom they disagree or must tyrannically convince the rest of America to kneel before Zod.

Either way, that's the behavior of a de facto civil war. You treat those you disagree with this way when you see them as your enemies. You can't share a country with such people, because they've made it clear they have no intention of sharing one with you.

So it’s war, then. And currently, we have the advantage. Time to keep a boot on the throat and take more ground.

For example, CNN is getting its apples and bananas mixed up again with a story on its website about nine labor and delivery nurses at a Maine hospital who are all pregnant and expecting to have their babies around the same time. The story even included a beautiful picture of eight of the women proudly showing off their “baby bumps.”

Hmm. The story actually says baby bumps. Not fetus bumps. Not clump-of-cells bumps. Not a choice-between-a-woman-and-her-doctor bumps. Weird.

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