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Turns out the caravan is reportedly a bad place for gay and trans people

Conservative Review

While the migrant caravan may have largely dropped off the media radar after the election, it’s still coming, and it’s apparently a really bad place to be for gay and transgender people.

According to a recent story at BuzzFeed News, gay and transsexual migrants actually had to leave and go ahead of the caravan because of how they were treated. The report focuses on the journey a migrant named Christian had made and some of the things he experienced along the way:

“We went ahead of the main caravan because we put our lives at risk on the road,” Christian told BuzzFeed News. “My heart feels lighter now that we’re here, we’re so close.”

The gay 24-year-old from Guatemala said that someone threw a bottle at him during the caravan’s march north. When the group, which includes several transgender women, would try to hitchhike while traveling with the main caravan, drivers who were offering a lift to other members of the caravan would deny them rides or leave them stranded along desolate highways, Christian said.

In fact, things are so bad for migrants like him that BuzzFeed reports one immigration group shelled out money for his group to ride on their own separate buses, away from the rest of the caravan.

Much as with the demands for near-unrestricted immigration from the Middle East, here we have another situation where two common policy positions of those on the Left find themselves at odds.

Here’s the question: If the caravan is such a dangerous place for gay people and transsexuals, why are so many on the Left so keen to let thousands of people who may treat them this way into the country on specious (if not outright bogus) asylum claims?

Sure, the open-borders crowd would find any way they can to deflect and change the subject if any of these migrants were to get drunk, drive a car, and kill or maim an American citizen, but what happens if any of them starts throwing beer bottles at pride parades?

Will those who harbor these kinds of views actually be expected to (gasp!) assimilate? But then, since calls for immigrants to assimilate and change their ways are so often decried as xenophobic and racist these days, what’s a leftist to do?

One big truth in politics: Absurd policy positions only lead to further absurdities.

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