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U2 betrays babies

Conservative Review

Like a lot of generation Xers, I'm a huge U2 fan. They're the closest thing my generation has to The Beatles. That’s why I was tremendously disappointed to see the popular band, which has Christian roots and whose lead singer even appeared on “Focus on the Family” a few years ago to share his faith, come out and urge voters in their native Ireland to repeal the nation's pro-life law.

For a band that has been open about Christianity in song and deed, fighting for the downtrodden worldwide in numerous causes while infusing song lyrics with Christian themes and imagery over the years, it's inexcusable for the band to urge Ireland to reject basic human rights for the most vulnerable among us -- unborn children in the womb.

One of the band's first hit songs, "Pride (In the Name of Love)," refers to Jesus Christ being "betrayed with a kiss." Now the band has betrayed innocent children from their native country with a tweet in support of state-sponsored ritualistic killing. This has prompted some swift and harsh responses by their legions of pro-life fans who feel the band betrayed them as well.

Daniel Darling of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention put it this way: "After having poured out his voice for the vulnerable, [U2 frontman Bono] is turning his back on those precious souls who have no voice."

Lest anyone think my associating the band with Christianity is another example of believers desperate for mainstream cultural acceptance so that they glom onto any celebrity who says something spiritual once, one website cited 79 specific Biblical/religious references in the band's music catalogue. U2 also isn't a case of some up-and-coming band whom people pinned some subtle religious hopes upon; the group just wrapped up the 30th anniversary tour of perhaps their greatest album, “The Joshua Tree,” in 2017.

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