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Uzbek NYC terror suspect entered US under Diversity Visa Program

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The act of self-defense and carrying a firearm is a constitutional right; immigration is not. Whenever there is a major domestic shooting, the political elites focus our attention on gun control, even though it doesn’t work.

Yet, whenever we admit fervent Sharia-believing Muslims from the Middle East and they commit terror attacks on our soil, we never have a family discussion over suicidal immigration policies.

How many people must die before it becomes in vogue to speak that truth – that when you bring the Middle East to your shores … you bring the Middle East to your shores.

The suspect in Tuesday’s vehicular jihad attack in Manhattan is reportedly one Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, an Uzbek national who was (presumably) issued a green card by Obama’s DHS in 2010.

WABC-NY reports: "Authorities say he came to the United States seven years ago from Uzbekistan under what is called the Diversity Visa Program, which offers a lottery for people from countries with few immigrants in America."

He didn’t fly over on an air force or sail over on a ship sponsored by ISIS and al-Qaeda or some foreign nation-state. We let him in through our front door, just like we did with the 9/11 hijackers. Democrats will talk about violent extremism and Republicans will talk about endless involvement in overseas social work.

But nobody will have a discussion on the core problem since 9/11.

Last month, we posted a report showing that 1.83 million green cards were issued to nationals of predominantly Muslim countries from 2001-2015, which has made immigration from the Middle East the fastest-growing subset.

This was done after 9/11; this was the response by our political class. And now, another post-9/11 terrorist was let in during this regime of hyper-immigration.

That doesn’t include the roughly 155,000 foreign students every year from those same countries. We have admitted over 59,000 legal permanent residents from Uzbekistan since 2001. Does anyone want to guess how many subscribe to Sharia supremacism, which cultivates the climate for these individuals to hate America?

We can only wonder about the family members, friends, and relatives of this terrorist. Remember, former FBI Director James Comey admitted that 15 percent of those subject to terrorism investigations were refugees.

Yet, when the president proposes a modest moratorium on just a few of the countries – not even the primary drivers of our immigration from the Middle East – our body politic has empowered a single-district judge to shut down our national security.

Think about this: Under the prevailing deference to judicial supremacy, Trump’s DHS feels compelled to not deny a single visa from a country like Uzbekistan – all because of Judge Watson of Hawaii (even though the Supreme Court already slapped down his ridiculous order on the stronger travel ban).


We must now wait until the Ninth Circuit inevitably agrees with Watson and the case finally goes back to the Supreme Court just to resume our national security. And even then, lower court judges will continue the same pattern with every subsequent policy.

It’s time for Congress to stop focusing on nonsense. It’s time it stops making counterterrorism exclusively about endless Islamic civil wars overseas.

Congress must clamp down on immigration, weaken the jurisdiction of lower courts to get involved in immigration cases, and further bolster Homeland Security efforts to identify the thousands of threats we already have in our country as a result of masochistic immigration policies.

Editor's note: This piece has been updated to correct grammatical errors.

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