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Video of ICE protests during human trafficking raid is old news, but not irrelevant

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As the Democratic Party and progressive activists are moving farther and farther to the left on immigration, videos and reports of "Abolish ICE" protests are spreading rapidly. One particular video of protesters demonstrating against ICE during a human trafficking raid is gaining traction on social media.

But this video is from last year.

The video is from August 2017. It shows Homeland Security Investigations, a division of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), serving a federal search warrant related to the human trafficking of minors in West Oakland, California, as Bay City News reported at the time.

Homeland Security Investigations is the criminal investigation arm of ICE; the division Enforcement and Removal focuses on civil cases and deportation, one ICE spokesman explained to Bay City News.

The protesters in the video were a militant Antifa-aligned group called By Any Means Necessary, which organized an emergency protest in response to what members believed was an immigration raid.

This particular protest should not be lumped in with the recent "Abolish ICE" protests or calls from Democratic politicians to abolish ICE.

But the video illustrates another point. The men and women of ICE are members of the law enforcement community. They work tirelessly to enforce the laws of the United States and protect the rights of every American. A year ago, they attempted to stop a human trafficking ring in Oakland, California. ICE continues that work today, fighting human smuggling and other deplorable crimes committed by wicked people intent on breaking our border laws.

The leftist attacks on ICE demonstrate how radical progressives are willing to toss aside laws that protect Americans and the brave men and women who enforce those laws to advance an effectively open-borders political agenda.

Editor's note: Our description of By Any Means Necessary has been updated to reflect the group's radical history.

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