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Want to know why the GOP always surrenders? Levin breaks it down

Conservative Review

House leadership caved to a laundry list of Democrat demands in Wednesday’s budget vote, leaving the United States with a $1.1 trillion boondoggle until September 2017. But while this sort of rollover may be business as usual for the GOP, the capitulation game goes far beyond the budget or even the current healthcare fight, and stems from a set of deep systemic problems in the GOP, Mark Levin explains.

In an opening monologue of his Wednesday evening radio program, the Conservative Review editor-in-chief said that in order to accomplish anything meaningful going forward, the GOP and its members must adopt “a more radical, but realistic, approach” to address the “progressive status quo” in American politics and culture.

“Too many conservatives have simply accepted as effective power the minor concession of the progressives” as they “drive the political and cultural agenda,” Levin explains.

The reason for all this capitulation on almost everything in the GOP platform? Consent by silence on behalf of conservatives and Republicans. “We live within the construct of the progressive movement,” Levin says, “not within the constitutional structure that was established” at the founding.


“Rather than confront the Left at the base of their arguments,” Levin concluded, “Republican officials by and large live in fear of principles they proclaim at election time but reject at governing time.”

As a result, he added, they become “accomplices to the will of their supposed adversaries” who “rotely repeat the propaganda” of the Democrat party and the progressive movement.

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