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Washington couple sue Seattle for releasing career violent criminal who savagely beat them

Conservative Review

Who is standing for people like the Richardsons, a couple who were nearly beaten to death by someone let out by Seattle-area law enforcement despite a 25-year rap sheet of violence? The drug traffickers, career gun felons, and street thugs have the weight of the entire corporate, media, political, and entertainment industries plus Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and every phony “conservative” think tank – not to mention Soros and the Left – advocating on their behalf. How come nobody ever advocates policies on behalf of people like James and Melanie Richardson?

The Richardsons were walking around downtown Seattle on the fateful August 24 almost exactly three years ago, waiting for the start of a Seattle Mariners game. Suddenly, they were stalked by 25-year felon Nail Mulazim Muied, who was let out of prison just 24 hours earlier. According to KIRO7, Muied then beat both of them with a baseball bat, shattering James’ jaw and causing internal bleeding in Melanie.

Now they are suing Seattle and King County for not locking up this demon despite a 25-year rap sheet that included violent offenses. The local media report notes that the lawsuit seeks damages for surgeries and years of rehabilitation. KIRO7 also noted in the report that Muied is known as a mental health threat to local law enforcement, but the lawsuit alleges that this fact was ignored by authorities.

Evidently, Seattle is not just weak on criminal aliens but weak on all criminals, period. Which means it is tough on peaceful, law-abiding victims like the Richardsons. From a quick glance at Muied’s criminal record, I see 72 criminal charges stemming from arrests that occurred between July 1, 2000, and August 24, 2016. However, according to the KIRO7 news report, based on the documents, the criminal record goes back 25 years to when Muied, now 41 years old, was a minor.

According to court records, Muied was arrested just three months prior to this incident on May 18, 2016, on two counts of theft. He was charged again with assault on July 22, just one month before the incident. Throughout this time, he barely served any time behind bars. Going back further, he was charged with use of a deadly weapon on January 11 of that year. Theft, assault, criminal trespassing, and disorderly conduct were the hallmarks of his arrest and court records dating back to 2000. Amid the endless guilty verdicts, I can’t find a time when he was sentenced to more than one year of prison time.

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